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School Supplies

1 Remember

Last Year’s Stuff?

It’s easy to get the ‘new school supplies urge’ at the beginning of each year or semester but it is usually very unnecessary. Avoiding it will save you campus cash and the environment. Before you go into the bookstore to buy new supplies, check what you already have. How many pencils, pens, highlighters, erasers, and notepaper do you have stashed away in your backpack or desk from last semester? Make a list of what you really need from the bookstore and stick with it when you get there so you don’t get carried away and buy a pack of 20 pencils when you only intended to buy 2!

3 Recycled

Pens and Pencils!

toilet-paper These days it’s pretty easy to find environmentally friendly school supplies. Refillable pens and pencils made from recycled plastic are widely available at campus bookstores. There are also such things as biodegradable pencils for those students who can’t seem to ever keep track of their writing utensils. Try to buy just one or two instead of a package of 20 (even if it’s a good deal!) because it obviously uses less resources and you will tend to keep track of them better.

2 Recycled

Notebooks and Paper!

paper-towels By now your bookstore is most likely stocked with great notebooks made from recycled paper. Check the cover of the notebook for the % of post consumer recycled content and go with the one that has the highest. Also try to find ones processed chlorine free (PCF). Often you’ll take many levels of the same class. At the end of the first class mark the last page used in your notebook with a staple or a taped down corner and continue to fill up your notebook from cover to cover before purchasing a new one. If you are a quick typer, take notes on your computer and always ask your professor if you can email in assignments and papers rather than print them.

4 And All Your Other

Miscellaneous supplies.

recycled_facial_tissueSome supplies are necessary to own but don’t get used as often as standard pens, pencils, and paper, such as permanent markers, dry erase pens, glue sticks, colored pens and pencils, stapples, highlighters, ect. Since you only use these items from time to time they tend to last much longer than your standard supplies, which means you need less of them. So when it comes time to replace these items, make sure to keep this in mind and don’t give in to the ‘great package deal’ of 1000 staples or 10 permanent markers when all you really need is 100 staples and 1 permanent marker.

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