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Reservoir Dogs


Photo: lkiller123

The “bathtub ring” that encircles Lake Mead, America’s largest reservoir, is a vivid, if not painful reminder of the sinking water levels all along the Colorado River.  Only 40% full, the reservoir has been feeling the effects of a decade-long drought.  Whether this is due to weather cycles or global warming is debatable.  Not quite as debatable is that global warming will diminish flows in the Colorado River 10-30% over the next 50 years. Read more…

Photo Credit: Taneli Rajala

When it comes to buying a new car, many people have begun making the positive switch over to hybrids, or even fully electric cars!  It is amazing to see what technology has allowed us to accomplish in our everyday tasks, such as driving.  Every year, cars are becoming more fuel-efficient and are even emitting smaller amounts of exhaust.  Luckily, the technology keeps on rolling as more and more companies are trying to come up with the best ideas.  One of the newest ideas has to do with a minivan that does not use batteries or electric motors! Read more…

Photo Credit: Time

Will Allen grew up as a farmer and promised himself he would never farm again after he left home. He became a professional basketball player but could not repress his passion for farming. So breaking his promise, Allen bought a small farm with the intentions of growing and selling produce. What he didn’t expect, was to become founder and director of the nonprofit organization Growing Power, that does a whole lot more than grow and sell produce. Read more…

Animal Crossing!


Photo Credit: Noe Medrano

Look both ways before you cross the street!  Hopefully, wildlife will not have to worry, thanks to ARC, The International Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure Design Competition.

Read more…

Photo Credit: David Goehring

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many of us will be shopping for chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals of all sizes and romantic cards.  While we’re looking to impress that special someone, we should also try to show the environment some love as well. Read more…

Photo Credit: David Salafia

Ever heard of piezoelectricity? Don’t worry, neither has the majority of society.  Soon however, it might be making green news all over the place.  This so-called “charge that gathers in solid materials in response to strain” (like crystal and ceramic) has attracted the attention of the science and the business world alike. And this isn’t any sort of ‘negative’ strain per se; the strain refers to pressure that initiates a charge inside certain materials- like the pressure from walking on a sidewalk, for example. Or…dancing. Read more…

Photo via Shutterstock

Chemistry is fun. You know, some days you invent a bacteria that melds concrete, or figure out how to turn Four Loko into eco-fuel. The latest green concoction by the planet-saving artists formerly known as nerds is a powder – made of banana peels – that cleans toxins out of water! Read more…

Carbon isn’t the only element effecting climate change, although it might seem like it to many mainstream environmentalist circles. Indeed, “carbon emission” has become the key phrase in reference to most issues surrounding atmospheric change, pollution, temperature shifts, and more. But please don’t forget about other potent ingredients included on the list of elements that have already exceeded the “planetary boundaries” is, such as our longtime helpful friend, Nitrogen. Read more…

Photo Credit: Mike Edwards

If you ask an economist what to do about the pesky problem of global warming, their answer would be a simple one: place a tax on carbon emissions. The carbon emissions that generate climate change—a negative externality—are easy to target and if taxed will lead economic actors to internalize the cost of warming. In return, this will discourage activities that contribute to global warming—and contribute to the development of clean, alternative energy forms. But not so fast. Read more…

Photo Credit: Gigijin

Buy this, smell like this, wear this.  We all get subjected to countless forms of product advertising everyday.  Whether its for food, clothing, movies or electronics, the amount of paper, energy and waste that comes from advertising can be extensive and ultimately damaging to our environment. Read more…

Keep reading and continue greening!

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A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
-Greek Proverb