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Photo Credit: Kevin Lim

We’ve all heard the story.  Recently, the Frito Lay corporation released a 100% compostable bag for its Sun Chip product line.  While this was a big step forward for the company’s sustainable initiatives, the noise the bag made seemed to be loud for consumers.  The bag was subsequently pulled off the shelves.  Well…..the bag is back! Read more…

Chevron In Hot Oil


Photo: ggalice

Ecuador’s president Rafael Corea calls Chevron a “multinational monster.”  Many celebrities have also taken to bashing Chevron, not wanting to miss the next hip environmental bandwagon.  On February 14th an Ecuadorian court lowered the boom on the American oil giant; a fine of $9.47 billion.  Perhaps the best part, if Chevron doesn’t apologize within 15 days then the fine jumps to 17.2 billion, o snap!  If the original fine were to be assessed it would go down as the greatest amount of damages ever awarded in an environmental case. Read more…

Photo Credit: Tareed Mohammed

I often find myself wondering what it would take to convince my smart-phone obsessed friends to leave their cell phones behind for an entire day. Gasp! Unfortunately, I will admit, that just the thought of not being connected to the world via email, constant texts, ‘Words with Friends’ scrabble game, or even my camera apps (yep, I have a slight ‘Instagram’ obsession), makes me cringe just a tad. Recent news, however, reporting changes in brain activity caused by cell phone use, has me a bit concerned and more likely to take a cell phone vacation every so often. Read more…

Photo Credit: Evadb

Are you against whaling?  If so, then you will be happy to hear that anti-whaling activists are putting up a real fight over in Japan.  Recently, the Japanese ended its whaling season early, bringing all of the ships back to port due to “harassment” from environmental activists, such as Sea Shepherd.  Since Japan fisheries could no longer ensure the safety of the whalers, they were forced to end the season early.  Although the whaling has only ended for the season, this is a huge step in whale protection because it shows that activists are making whaling very difficult for places like Japan. Read more…

Photo Credit: Joachim S. Muller

Evolution tends to be though of as something that occurs over thousands of generations. The tomcod defies this generalization and in only 50 years the fish has evolved a resistance to toxic chemicals that pollute its home in the Hudson River. Read more…

Wireside Chat #6: Getting Outside

Getting outside can mean everything. From childhood development to fighting depression and loneliness, nature is just as important to us as it is to our children. And as a society, we need to think of our time in nature not only as fun time, but as an investment in our health. Find out more in this week’s Wireside Chat.

Read more…

Photo Credit: Crystalyn Kae

It has been awhile since I’ve been to the mall, but it’s got me thinking about how sustainable shopping is.  Is it worth it to go to the store and look for the perfect pair of shiny, new pleather boots?  Or is it better to opt for an alternative? Read more…

Photo Credit: Karim Cherif

Recently, a friend of mine and his new bride traveled to Africa for their dream honeymoon.  In their preparation for their amazing trip, my friend looked into all kinds of adventure tours and activities that most people typically think of when they go to the African continent.  One question I asked him, which he admitted he had not considered, was if any of these adventures were sustainable? Read more…

Photo Credit: Sven

Coupled with skyrocketing fuel charges, the levies on carbon-spouting planes to be imposed under the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) have airlines worrying about the cost of not going green. All airlines operating in the EU will be expected to cut emissions to three percent below the average annual figure for the period between 2004 and 2006 from 2012, and by an additional two percentage points in 2013. Read more…

Photo Credit: Katie Tegtmeyer

A trend seems to be developing across the country in the green building world. Traditional builders and manufacturers are pushing against green building codes and programs. Read more…

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