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cialis kaufen schweiz “Story of Stuff” is a 20 minute video, which presents a simplified view of the way our society functions along with some of the shortcomings of our economic system. In this short animated video, Annie Leonard, the creator, shows how we, as a nation, are obsessed with consumption solely for the sake of consuming. However, she points out that this actually may not be our fault. Read more…

Photo Credit: Jocelyn AugustinoPhoto Credit: Jocelyn Augustino

In an effort to reduce its’ carbon footprint, Congress plans on closing the only coal-burning power plant in the District of Columbia, which supplies much of the energy used at the congressional buildings. The Capitol Power Plant has been running for 99 years on coal and is thought to have caused breathing problems experienced by residents and workers in the area. The release of sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulate matter also leads to decreasing air quality in the area. The power plant will be making a complete switch to natural gas, and residents that live near Capitol Hill support this move to a cleaner energy and want the exchange to happen quickly. Read more…

David Sillitoe/GuardianPhoto Credit: David Sillitoe/Guardian

As most of you know, coal generated energy is the dirtiest form of energy production, in part because of its extremely high levels of CO2 emissions. As more and more people begin to realize the severity of the situation, the urgency to reduce our carbon footprint and slow global warming has never been more pressing in the political arena. Read more…

Solar Cities ProjectPhoto Found at Solar Cities

Zamalek, a lush island in the Nile, is a neighborhood of Cairo that thrives from tourism and trade. However, its’ prosperity is deeply contrasted by the impoverished areas that surround it. Only a small distance away lies an expansive slum called Manshiyet Nasser, which is characterized by overpopulated, narrow streets and poor housing. Tens of thousands of people struggle to survive here amongst the trash that flows from Zamalek. Yet, ironically, this impoverished city has become defined by the environmental action its’ community members have taken to survive. Read more…

ESRI installs 2737 rooftop solar panelsPhoto found at

U.S lawmakers recently created a new agency within the Energy Department that focuses on clean energy investments.  Essentially, this means that the agency will provide loans and loan guarantees to American businesses investing in clean energy systems and technologies.  Historically, there has been hesitation from the private business sector to invest in clean energy systems due to the initial high costs.  The new agency however, will facilitate private businesses in their transition to clean energy in the form of loans.  The agency has acquired $6 billion through the stimulus package for transmission loan guarantees for businesses. Read more…

Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles TimesPhoto Credit: Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles Times

Ft. Irwin, a U.S. Army based in San Bernadino, California is making big changes…Green changes. Solar panels and wind turbines power computers, newly installed insulation and solar-reflective coating on buildings drastically reduce energy consumption, and electric cars transport troops across the base. Though this effort is more about cutting costs than curbing global warming, any green initiatives taken by the U.S. army is a great thing! Read more…

Oscar Durand / New York TimesPhoto Credit: Oscar Durand / New York Times

College campuses around the country are making their cafeterias and delis more sustainable by, believe it or not, eliminating dining trays! This movement has led to a drastic reduction in food waste and water usage (from the rinsing of the trays) and the universities that have adopted this policy have saved substantial amounts of money.Sarah Whately of Skidmore College sums up this new method of reducing food waste, “…you actually eat what you want rather than what you see.” Read more…



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