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    Photo Credit: Konrad Summers

    A long commute to work isn’t just time consuming (not to mention frustrating!), it’s bad for the environment, but a new Superbus being created by Dutch developers at the Delft University of Technology aims to cut down your commute. An added bonus? The prototype looks like a cross between the Batmobile and a stretch limo. Read more…

    Photo Credit: Dyzfunktional

    With bats disappearing due to a spreading illness, many of North America’s crops are also in jeopardy of disappearing.  Scientists want to send up a bat signal to policymakers and save the bats before billions of dollars in agricultural losses take place. Read more…

    Photo: jurvetson

    The political rhetoric about eliminating, or at least diminishing, our dependence on foreign oil is nothing new.  Seriously tackling this elusive issue was something that President Obama got behind on the campaign trail under his slogan of ‘change.’  Remember that?  Cute, huh?  Unfortunately it seems that like many of the President’s ideological visions, the implementation of an energy plan that sees our importation of oil decrease and our use of alternative energy increase has been equalized by political stagnation from the right. Read more…

    Photo Credit: James T M Towill

    In a world of increasing oil prices, one would think that alternative energy would be on the mind.  Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case for oil companies.  What am I talking about you may ask?  I am referring to what is now being called the “Keystone Pipeline Project”.  This highly controversial project is proposing to build a 1,661-mile (2,671-kilometer) oil pipeline from Alberta, Canada all the way down to Nederland, Texas. Read more…

    Photo Credit: Andrew Spurgin

    Cooks Confab is a group of innovative chefs who come together to promote local, sustainable meals in hopes of bringing people together to support a great cause.Cooks Confab’s latest event School Lunch creates a local Farm-to-School connection in San Diego. Read more…

    Photo Credit: Andrew at CubaGallery

    California has reasons to celebrate this year!  After a prolonged drought has reigned over California for over 2 years, Governor Jerry Brown is expected to lift the emergency drought proclamation announced in 2009. Read more…

    Photo Credit: Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

    When David Lobell, a Stanford University researcher, and Marianne Bänziger, of the International Maize and What Improvement Centre, in Mexico, began talking about the future effects of climate change on crops in Africa, Lobell didn’t anticipate for his pet project to come up in conversation. Read more…

    Photo Credit: Jenny Downing

    Taking a note from nature’s design, scientists have claimed one of the milestones in the drive for sustainable energy, development of the first practical artificial leaf.  Read more…

    Photo: nblumhardt

    The nuclear meltdown in Japan has given cause to revaluate the state of our own facilities.  Hanford, in southeast Washington, was the location for the most plutonium production in America during the Cold War.  20 years later, it’s a mess consisting of 53 million gallons of toxic waste.  It will have to endure until 2019 when largest and most expensive nuclear clean up in history is set to commence.  The plan is to spend $74 billion over those next 25 years, more than the annual budget of the Department of Education. Read more…

    Photo Credit: macdomeng

    Happy Earth Hour everyone!  Earth Hour has become an annual tradition that originated in Sydney, Australia in 2007.  The original concept was developed in order to help bring awareness to climate change, but has grown into a worldwide phenomenon.  The holiday is nothing more than shutting off all your lights for one hour.  Fairly simple, right?  That is probably the reason why so many countries are now participating in this event.  The 2011 Earth Hour takes place today, March 26th, at 8:30PM-9:30PM (your local time). Read more…

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    A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
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