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1 Lay Off the



Livestock generate more greenhouse gas emissions than the global transportation industry with beef leading the charge, according to a recent UN report. How is this possible? Well, for a few simple reasons. First, cows burp methane, a greenhouse gas that is 23 times more potent than CO2. Yes, this sounds ridiculous, but “There are 1.5 billion cattle and buffalo worldwide, each producing more greenhouse gas in a day than the average 4*4” vehicle, according to BBC News. Then there is the issue of deforestation… Livestock production is responsible for a large proportion of global deforestation, and deforestation is the cause of about 25% of man-made CO2 emissions. In addition, two-thirds of global man-made Nitrous Oxide emissions, a greenhouse gas almost 300 times more potent than CO2, comes from the manure and fertilizers used to grow the cattle feed crops. And, of course, there is the final transportation and refrigeration required to get that big juicy steak to your plate. So when you start to look at the big picture, it becomes clear why it’s so important to lay off the meat.

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A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
-Greek Proverb