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    Dorm Room Design

    1 Check

    for Quality Reused

    buy_recycledIt’s very important that you search for dorm furniture and decorations that have been previously owned. Every time you buy a new product you are essentially supporting that products environmental impact, which in terms of product creation and transportation is quite large…and then of course the shelves have to be restocked. The deals you can score on craigslist and freecycle are incredible. Quality products that often look brand new are dirt cheap or free. New products are constantly being uploaded so if one day you don’t find anything you like, check back the next.

    3 Stick

    With Organic Everything

    toilet-paper So now that you have your furniture it’s time to get your linens in order. Look for organic cotton bed sheets, window curtains, if you need them, and towels. They are just as soft as the standard stuff and aren’t manufactured with toxic chemicals! Yayy!

    2 Get Creative

    and Create Your Own!

    paper-towels There are some items on craigslist and freecycle that, believe it or not, aren’t flying of the shelf, so to speak. If you are the creative or artistic type, these items might be a dream come true or at least a fun couple hours with friends.  Get out the paintbrushes, have your friends bring over a 12 pack of organic beers or a couple bottles of organic wine (this is college…oh but make sure your 21 ;) ), and turn that old dresser (or whatever) into a vibrant and stylish new one.

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    A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
    -Greek Proverb