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Surfer and Environmentalist Kyle Thiermann creates another fun, catchy, and to-the-point video highlighting the devastating affects of plastic pollution. With guest speakers such as musician Jack Johnson, “Story of Stuff” creator Any Leapold, and author of “Fierce Heart” Stuart Coleman, this short video brings together a diverse understanding of a major global environmental issue that we face today. Going plastic free will benefit the planet, your health, and your pocket book! Check out other videos by Kyle Thiermann at Read more…

Wireside Chat #6: Getting Outside

Getting outside can mean everything. From childhood development to fighting depression and loneliness, nature is just as important to us as it is to our children. And as a society, we need to think of our time in nature not only as fun time, but as an investment in our health. Find out more in this week’s Wireside Chat.

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So this video is more about social justice then the environment per se but it is so moving that it must be shared on ThinkGreenLiveClean! The man in this video was honored on CNN’s Heroes of 2010. Get ready to feel a handful of emotions!

We are taking a slightly different approach by publishing this documentary. Normally we keep articles short and light on the spirit but this is a must-know-about situation…a ticking time bomb (which has already begun to go off!) for the people and the environment of Rinconada, Peru. The highest civilization in the world at 17,000 feet with 30,000 people is a gold mining town at the base of a pristine glacier. But when hoards of toxic mercury are used to sift through gold and subsequently dumped into the river ABOVE the town serious implications arise. This report is comprised of three short ten-minute videos. watch them all in order. They are well done and the situation they cover is so dire that it will definitely keep you on the edge. Read more…

The creation of can be traced back to a bumper sticker brainstorming session that took place in Australia in 2007 while studying abroad. What better way to promote the environmental awareness movement than with a catchy bumper sticker that will really make people think? Well, that idea lasted for about three months until I purchased the URL… Read more…

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A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
-Greek Proverb