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    Photo Credit: Angus Clyne

    Taking an environmental ethics class really gets you thinking about a lot of different issues.  What do you think is a big issue?   Read more…

    Photo Credit: Ingrid0804

    What are your plans this summer?  Do they include a beach bonfire?  Camping under the stars?  Before you light up the night with some great summer campfires, consider where you are getting your wood and how this could destroy the forest, not through a forest fire, but through the spread of invasive insects and diseases through firewood. Read more…

    Photo Credit: Serge Freeman

    It’s July and everyone is heading to the beach.  However, it’s getting hard to avoid beaches that have had a closure due to poor water quality, which would have a harmful effect on our health and a harmful effect on the environment as well.   Read more…

    Photo Credit: Charity Kennedy

    It’s time for all those super cute dresses to come in season!  However, try on some of these sustainable fashion rules regarding eco-friendly fabrics when shopping this summer.   Read more…

    Photo Credit: Joshua Stevens

    After my mom makes coffee for herself in the morning, I use the single cup water heater to make a cup of tea.  I know there’s a coffee filter with coffee grounds in there that will make my tea taste bitter if I leave it, so I take it out, and there is always the morning conundrum: Trash or Compost?   Read more…

    Photo Credit: Tim McGrath

    Summer’s on the brink of arrival and everyone is getting ready for summer barbeques, beach days, and of course, those days at amusement parks and Fourth of July parties ending with a spectacular fireworks show.  San Diego County, however, is in for a bit of a change.   Read more…

    Photo Credit: Mark Orfila

    “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” “Turn off the lights when you leave a room,” “Time yourself in the shower so that you don’t waste water,” “Go Green!” and all the rest.  You all have heard these before and more.   However, after a long day at the office or a stupid hard dilemma faces us, we tend to forget and ignore these little things.

    Read more…

    Photo Credit: Dyzfunktional

    With bats disappearing due to a spreading illness, many of North America’s crops are also in jeopardy of disappearing.  Scientists want to send up a bat signal to policymakers and save the bats before billions of dollars in agricultural losses take place. Read more…

    Photo Credit: Andrew at CubaGallery

    California has reasons to celebrate this year!  After a prolonged drought has reigned over California for over 2 years, Governor Jerry Brown is expected to lift the emergency drought proclamation announced in 2009. Read more…

    Photo: nblumhardt

    The nuclear meltdown in Japan has given cause to revaluate the state of our own facilities.  Hanford, in southeast Washington, was the location for the most plutonium production in America during the Cold War.  20 years later, it’s a mess consisting of 53 million gallons of toxic waste.  It will have to endure until 2019 when largest and most expensive nuclear clean up in history is set to commence.  The plan is to spend $74 billion over those next 25 years, more than the annual budget of the Department of Education. Read more…

    Keep reading and continue greening!

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    A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
    -Greek Proverb