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    Students & Campus

    Maria Sotero

    I usually write about environmental innovations and social/conservation ideas on this site. But this week, I thought I would reflect on a more personal development. When I started writing for TGLC last summer, I was studying for the GRE. This fall, I applied to Columbia University’s 12 month Master’s in Environmental Science and Policy at the School of International and Public Affairs. And the day before Thanksgiving, I came home to an acceptance letter. My wildest dream came true, and I think I know why. Read more…

    Photo Credit: John Castaldo

    It’s always nice to see good news about your alma mater.  This time, fortunately, the good news coincides with the “green” philosophy that so many of us share.  Last week, University of San Diego turned on the second largest solar array of any private university in the United States.  The 1.23 megawatt installation will save the university 15% in electricity costs and provide clean, renewable energy for at least the next 25 years. Read more…

    Photo Credit: NASA/GSFC

    Have you ever thought that the concept of “Going Green” could be turned into a national competition?  The Campus Conservation Nationals 2010 sure has. 40 colleges have banded together to compete to measure conservation of both electricity and water from November 1st to November 19th.  Even though this is a short time period, it could potentially make a huge difference.  I think that this is a great cause, especially since more and more colleges nationwide have been getting involved over the years including Brown University, New York University, University of New Hampshire, and University of San Diego. Read more…

    Photo Credit: Fields To Families

    Katie’s dreams of feeding the hungry began at age 11, when the third grader turned a donated cabbage seed into a 40-pound vegetable that helped to feed 275 homeless people in her hometown of Summerville, South Carolina. “I knew I wanted to do more to help all of those people who were struggling to eat so I started vegetable gardens,” she said.  “I now have 5 gardens and the harvest is donated to people in need in my community. This fall I should be able to donate over a thousand pounds of healthy food to people in need.” Read more…

    The creation of can be traced back to a bumper sticker brainstorming session that took place in Australia in 2007 while studying abroad. What better way to promote the environmental awareness movement than with a catchy bumper sticker that will really make people think? Well, that idea lasted for about three months until I purchased the URL… Read more…

    Photo Credit: Taylor McBride

    I just survived my first few days of sophomore year at college… This usually means dozens of syllabi, handouts, reading packets and the like, all printed out on crisp white sheets of paper.  However, as this semester kicks off, I am noticing that the majority of my teachers are giving out assignments by email and asking us to turn in assignments online as well.  Whether for convenience or eco-friendliness, it seems that more and more of the world is using email to send information, but is sending all this information really good for the environment? Read more…

    Caitlin Regan

    It is no secret that the Los Angles Unified School District (LAUSD) has been struggling in the face of budget cuts, layoffs, overcrowding, and numerous other problems that etch away at the foundation of L.A.’s public school system However, there is one program that seems to bring a ray of hope and vitality for the future of LAUSD. This three year old program, known since 2007 as Green LAUSD, has helped the district make cuts of the positive sort. Read more…

    Photo Credit: Cristian Bortes

    Ok, so maybe it isn’t exactly in the curriculum…but D.C. Public Schools is continuing to make a difference in the community by planting numerous trees throughout the city. Students, faculty and staff  in our nation’s capital have the opportunity to partner with an organization called Casey Trees in an effort to take some time out of the school day to plant trees around many of the district’s schools. Read more…

    One Book at a Time


    Photo Credit: Alexandre Duret-Lutz

    It’s always refreshing to hear about new environmental objectives that aim to make our world a better place.  It’s even better to fall upon one that seeks to make an economic, social, and environmental impact.  Well, that is exactly what Better World Books has sought to do- and they’ve succeeded in doing so.  Beginning with three motivated friends from the University of Notre Dame, a single book drive turned into a movement across our entire continent, and has made an impact worldwide. Read more…

    Photo Credit: Rupert Ganzer

    Photo Credit: Rupert Ganzer

    Do you still remember the criteria you used to pinpoint your college of choice? Granted it had to be one that you got accepted into…and maybe it had to be a Liberal Arts, have relatively small classes, and have a decent standard of excellence? Or were you the one comparing the ratio of guys to girls, the number of beer cups next to the college name, and the size of the coed dorms? Whomever you were and whatever your criteria, I am guessing that an easily accessible ‘Green Rating’ was not involved in your final decision. Well now it can be with Princeton Review’s second annual ‘Green Rating’ available online for 697 colleges and universities around the country. (All you guys and girls still applying for colleges are psyched!) Read more…

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    A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
    -Greek Proverb