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Science & Technology

Photo Credit: Ley_photography

In a world of increasing gasoline prices, people are wanting to hear when their fuel costs will begin to go down.  Recently, I read a book by Jeff Rubin, who has been a chief economist at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) for over 20 years.  The book is entitled Why Your World Is About To Get A Whole Lot Smaller: Oil And The End Of Globalization and takes a very interesting approach on voicing environmental conservation.  The reason I wanted to talk about this book is to write about of the topics that Rubin discussed called “The Efficiency Paradox”, which discusses the flaws in our energy efficiency. Read more…

Photo Credit: Surian Soosay

Clean up crews have been scrambling to decontaminate the area surrounding the devastated Japanese nuclear power plants in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami that ravaged the country earlier this year. Usually, soap, water, brushes, pads and plain old hard work are used in the clean-up, but CNN reports that Hawaiian entrepreneur Hank Wuh has a new solution: blue goo. Read more…

Photo Credit: Bob Ford

The west coast of Namibia gets less than two inches of rainfall per year, but The Economist reports that an MIT graduate student and his colleagues have found a solution in the form of a local beetle and the way it transforms fog into water. Read more…

Photo Credit: Cuyasa

The Eleventh Hour is a documentary about global warming featuring biologist, environmentalist, and political leaders. After watching the film, discussions were immediately sparked between my friends and I about what our generation needs to do in order to save our planet. Read more…

Photo Credit: Aristocrat's-hat

If technology has and continues to bridge gaps of all kinds, it makes sense that an app would be developed that seeks to decrease water bottle consumption. How? Well, it’s simple. Help consumers locate alternatives- like drinking fountains. Read more…

Photo Credit: Igor Golubenkov

The largest accidental offshore oil spill in history occurred one year ago, when an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico—50 miles from southeast Louisiana—blew out. Although it is still too early for a full account of the long-term effect of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, its one-year anniversary is cause for reflection. Read more…

Photo: Pure3d

So the sun puts out enough energy in one second to power the United States for 9,000 years.  Please take a moment to appreciate that independently researched statistic.  I do it cuz I love you.  It seems like for some time now humans have been trying to efficiently harness some of that energy, and I’m not talking about maladjusted kids lighting ants on fire or stoner nerds find a butane-free alternative to spark their bingers.   BrightSource, a company based in Oakland, announced on April 11th that they had secured a $1.6 billion loan from Uncle Sam on top of the $168 million gave them for the Ivanpah power solar power plant in the Southern California desert. Read more…

Photo Credit: Jenny Downing

Taking a note from nature’s design, scientists have claimed one of the milestones in the drive for sustainable energy, development of the first practical artificial leaf.  Read more…

Photo Credit: Official U.S. Navy Imagery

Bad things come in threes, the proverb goes, and it has certainly been the case in Japan. First, there was the powerful earthquake. Second, a desolating tsunami. Third, an explosion at a nuclear power plant. Read more…

Photo Credit: Tareed Mohammed

I often find myself wondering what it would take to convince my smart-phone obsessed friends to leave their cell phones behind for an entire day. Gasp! Unfortunately, I will admit, that just the thought of not being connected to the world via email, constant texts, ‘Words with Friends’ scrabble game, or even my camera apps (yep, I have a slight ‘Instagram’ obsession), makes me cringe just a tad. Recent news, however, reporting changes in brain activity caused by cell phone use, has me a bit concerned and more likely to take a cell phone vacation every so often. Read more…

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