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Home & Garden

Photo Credit: Time

Will Allen grew up as a farmer and promised himself he would never farm again after he left home. He became a professional basketball player but could not repress his passion for farming. So breaking his promise, Allen bought a small farm with the intentions of growing and selling produce. What he didn’t expect, was to become founder and director of the nonprofit organization Growing Power, that does a whole lot more than grow and sell produce. Read more…

If you’re somewhere in the world connected to the media, be it the paper, TV, magazines, or internet (and I have a feeling you are), you then know about the sexiest movement growing across the nation. No, not Zumba, I’m talking about the Grow-Your-Own movement that is capturing the hearts and tastebuds of people worldwide. Sadly, for those with limited spaces, gardening may seem less empowering when you wonder how you and your closet-sized balcony can participate in the coolest emerging activity in town. Thankfully, that’s why being connected helps. Read more…

Photo Credit: Juan ValldeRuten

There probably isn’t one person in North America who doesn’t own a piece of furniture they’ve had to put together with a million screws, bolts and sketchy instructions.  While the end result can often be pretty impressive, for the sustainable shopper there’s some green news about a number of eco-friendly and sustainable furnishings for your eco-pad, office or college dorm. Read more…

Photo Credit: Lisa Miyake

For many families, decorating their house with lights is a fun way to start off the holiday season.  Unfortunately, it is also costly to keep them on throughout the cold winter nights.  So follow fellow writers in the spirit of a green holiday season, here are some tips about holiday lights!   Read more…

Photo Credit: C.P Storm

With Christmas quickly approaching, most of us will be scrambling to get our last minute shopping done.  Between electronics, clothes and new ties for dad, there are more than enough options for gifts; but which options are the most sustainable? Read more…

Photo Credit: Fields To Families

Katie’s dreams of feeding the hungry began at age 11, when the third grader turned a donated cabbage seed into a 40-pound vegetable that helped to feed 275 homeless people in her hometown of Summerville, South Carolina. “I knew I wanted to do more to help all of those people who were struggling to eat so I started vegetable gardens,” she said.  “I now have 5 gardens and the harvest is donated to people in need in my community. This fall I should be able to donate over a thousand pounds of healthy food to people in need.” Read more…

Photo credit: Sean Rogers

With some of the largest consumer holidays just around the corner, many eco-conscious shoppers will be looking for environmentally friendly or sustainable choices for their purchases.  While most of us will have good intentions when we choose to buy products claiming to be “eco-friendly” or “green”, many of us don’t truly realize or understand what these terms and labels actually mean. Read more…

Image Via

If you like pets and you like omelets then the time has come to buy a chicken. Yes, I said it, a chicken. I know this sounds ridiculous and for most people unrealistic but with this new hip easily assembled compact but comfortable ‘Chicken Crib’ (not coop) the potential for small backyard placement is limitless! Read more…

Photo Via

Do you compost? If you live in a city or even a tightly packed neighborhood our guess is probably not. Lets face it. Without a large back yard where compost can be disposed of properly so as to not stink up the entire house and attract all kinds of unwanted critters, composting is just too much of a hassel for many. Even with the cool and techie compost bins found at Costco and elsewhere, composting in urban settings is more of an “ideal than a reality”.

Welcome the Compost Cab, a new eco start-up business set to Read more…

Photo credit: T. Howard

Many people are trying to make changes to their lifestyle to start living more environmentally friendly. However, these changes are sometimes hard to keep up with since sacrificing comfort and convenience is sometimes a necessity while “going green”. The Wattbox on the other hand, is a simple device that can make any house become an energy saving home. Read more…

Keep reading and continue greening!

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A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
-Greek Proverb