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Celebrity & Fashion

Conscious consumers take note! The global campaign, Free2Work, is helping shoppers avoid unethical products with the new iPhone app reference guide that rates products and companies based on their policies regarding products made with forced, trafficked or child labor. The app, named one of the “11 Great Apps for 2011,” is the only smart phone tool that provides customers such insight, via the A through F rating scale, as they shop. Read more…

Photo: Jenah Crump

Lately it seems it’s hip to be green.  Whether it’s because people are actually starting to care about their impact or just want to emulate celebrities, the intention isn’t what’s important, the result is.  Large retailers seem to be picking up on this and are incorporating it into their production, vis-à-vis their marketing.  H & M has increased its use of organic cotton to 1,500 tons; Banana Republic is pushing its line of products made from bamboo (much like the new TGLC shirts, just not as fly).  Also consider the emergence of brands like Threads for Thought and Alternative Apparel whose company mantras are the use of sustainable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Read more…

jenny downing

That’s right, ladies. Despite all the support your bra has given you, it could perhaps do even greater things for the Earth. Resource-wise, that is. Read more…

Photo Credit: Nidzk

We have all seen Kevin Costner emerge as the hero in movies such as Water World, The Guardian, and Tin Cup. However, he is now gaining recognition beyond this fictitious realm of Hollywood plots as he demonstrates his passion for nature and science. Costner, and his brother, have developed a centrifuge  device that is capable of removing 98% of contamination from 200 gallons of water every minute. Read more…

You…you got what I need…cause we need clean energy…cause we need clean energy! So lets hear a little more about clean energy. What are some some of the different kinds and their accompanying pros and cons?

Solar: The amount of sunlight that hits the U.S. is huge. The southwestern states receive enough solar energy in a one hundred by one hundred mile area to supply the entire nation’s energy requirements. Read more…

Photo Credit: Brandi Sims

It is pretty insane how a basic idea can turn into so much more than that. TGLC is a great example of this.  And here’s another one: Simple Shoes.  Simple Shoes is a company that lovingly manufactures 100% sustainable shoes and bags. Read more…

Keep reading and continue greening!

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A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
-Greek Proverb