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Cars & Transportation

Yachts Going Green


Photo: Sauter Carbon Offset Design

As you may have heard me say before, it’s hip to be green.  Well that has taken on new meaning with the emergence of more eco-friendly yachts.  Finally, you don’t have to feel guilty while cruising around in your oceanic palace that costs more than Central America’s collective GDP.  Even a medium-sized yacht (so weak) can rip through several hundred liters of diesel hourly.  Not to mention the electricity needed to power the jacuzzi(s) and sauna(s) would be enough to light up Mozambique for weeks. Read more…

Photo Credit: Konrad Summers

A long commute to work isn’t just time consuming (not to mention frustrating!), it’s bad for the environment, but a new Superbus being created by Dutch developers at the Delft University of Technology aims to cut down your commute. An added bonus? The prototype looks like a cross between the Batmobile and a stretch limo. Read more…

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Hybrid cars are nothing new.  In fact, Toyota has now sold more than 2 million models of its revolutionarily Prius since 1997-its best seller in Japan.  Toyota’s luxury division, Lexus, recently unveiled a fleet of seven new hybrid models and the company expects hybrids to account for a fifth of it’s sales in Europe.  The demand for lower emissions vehicles has other luxury brands scrambling to get their own models into production.  Ian Robertson, marketing director of BMW notes “society and governments want to move towards zero emissions from cars.” Read more…

Photo Credit: Sven

Coupled with skyrocketing fuel charges, the levies on carbon-spouting planes to be imposed under the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) have airlines worrying about the cost of not going green. All airlines operating in the EU will be expected to cut emissions to three percent below the average annual figure for the period between 2004 and 2006 from 2012, and by an additional two percentage points in 2013. Read more…

Photo Credit: Chris McKenna

Once revolutionary, hybrid cars like the Prius are now ubiquitous, and the latest in green news has railway engines adopting that same technology. Everyone now knows that the Prius saves fuel—when the driver breaks, the car stores the lost kinetic energy in the battery, to be used later when the driver hits the accelerator—but it took Toyota 13 years to sell the Prius to customers as the technology of the future.  The builders of railway engines are the latest to be convinced of the Prius principle. Read more…

From Fat to Fuel


Photo Credit: Alexandre Duret-Lutz

Tyson Foods is the largest meat company in the world, and animal fat is their waste product. Instead of selling their animal fat to producers of cosmetics, soaps, and animal food, they are partnering with Syntroleum Corporation and turning their animal fat waste into renewable fuel, this is some green news to smile about. Read more…

Photo Credit: Ashton Teske

San Franciscans have done it again.

The city has done well to maintain its place in the vanguard of the environmental movement and is home to some of the world’s most innovative environmental legislation and initiatives. This time, the San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors President, David Chiu, is proposing that by 2010, 20% percent of trips taken in San Francisco should be done by bike, which is more than double the current rate. Read more…

Photo by Steven Depolo

In an effort to lighten up rush hour, remind people their cities could be a little friendlier, and make a statement about preserving the Earth, sit back and relax in a small park. That is, a metered parking space that has been transformed into an ephemeral green oasis. Just don’t forget to pay the meter.

This is what urban designers, bike advocates, shop owners, and artists have been doing all over the country. Take any parking space, feed the meter. Cover the asphalt with sod or Astroturf. Border your park with as many potted trees, plants, and flowers as you can find. Leave room for beach chairs or park benches. And wait. Read more…

Photo Credit: GE

This fall, drivers will start to see two new electric vehicles on the road.  The Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt are in a position to gain popularity and kickstart the conversion to electric vehicles.  To help the process and make steps towards sustainability, General Electric just announced plans to purchase 25,000 electric vehicles for its extensive fleet. Read more…

Photo Credit: Nissan

What’s this? A fully electric car that is affordable, runs like a gas-powered automobile, and looks relatively normal? I don’t believe it… Read more…

Keep reading and continue greening!

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