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    Business & Politics

    Photo: jurvetson

    The political rhetoric about eliminating, or at least diminishing, our dependence on foreign oil is nothing new.  Seriously tackling this elusive issue was something that President Obama got behind on the campaign trail under his slogan of ‘change.’  Remember that?  Cute, huh?  Unfortunately it seems that like many of the President’s ideological visions, the implementation of an energy plan that sees our importation of oil decrease and our use of alternative energy increase has been equalized by political stagnation from the right. Read more…

    Photo Credit: James T M Towill

    In a world of increasing oil prices, one would think that alternative energy would be on the mind.  Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case for oil companies.  What am I talking about you may ask?  I am referring to what is now being called the “Keystone Pipeline Project”.  This highly controversial project is proposing to build a 1,661-mile (2,671-kilometer) oil pipeline from Alberta, Canada all the way down to Nederland, Texas. Read more…

    Photo Credit: Teng Tan

    Plastic bottles have been a topic of green news for what seems like ages, and usually the bottom line is centered around consuming less, i.e. – investing in reusable bottles, etc. But what if the root of the issue was addressed instead and the option to consume plastic bottles was eliminated? Well, a couple companies have set out to do just that. PepsiCo recently announced a bottle that will be derived from plants- and not just partially like the original PlantBottle from Coca-Cola, but derived from 100% plant-based material. Could this be the beginning of a large-scale trend in eliminating plastic containers? Read more…

    Photo Credit: Quazie

    BIGGER. Always better?  When it comes to sustainability in the retail world, that certainly isn’t the case. Corporate giants like Costco and Walmart for example, could arguably be considered unsustainable by the sheer nature of their business models, which often encourage people to purchase impulsively and in excessive amounts. But since the global economy is growing rapidly, these businesses are not going anywhere anytime soon. So, it’s nice to hear when companies like Costco adopt sustainable policies- in this case, a sustainable seafood policy along with a pledge to play more of a leadership role in aquaculture. Read more…

    Chevron In Hot Oil


    Photo: ggalice

    Ecuador’s president Rafael Corea calls Chevron a “multinational monster.”  Many celebrities have also taken to bashing Chevron, not wanting to miss the next hip environmental bandwagon.  On February 14th an Ecuadorian court lowered the boom on the American oil giant; a fine of $9.47 billion.  Perhaps the best part, if Chevron doesn’t apologize within 15 days then the fine jumps to 17.2 billion, o snap!  If the original fine were to be assessed it would go down as the greatest amount of damages ever awarded in an environmental case. Read more…

    Photo Credit: Katie Tegtmeyer

    A trend seems to be developing across the country in the green building world. Traditional builders and manufacturers are pushing against green building codes and programs. Read more…

    Photo Credit: Edgar Zuniga Jr.

    As many people have come to realize, worldwide climate is beginning to shift.  As a result, many countries are beginning to take steps towards ensuring the protection of things such as roads, railways, animals, and lighthouses.  The Department for Environmental Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in England has recently outlined their ideas for protection of their infrastructure for how they plan to deal with the problem.  There is national concern in England because the latest predictions state that southern England will be about 2.2-2.6 °C warmer by the 2080s. Read more…

    Photo Credit: Dorena-wm

    Egypt has covered all news forums lately- yet not so much for matters of green news.  But, amongst the many social and political issues plaguing the country, environmental issues loom as well.  As the most vulnerable of the Arab states largely due to industry and population concentrations along the coastline, Egypt needs a comprehensive climate change agenda that it has yet to house internally under Mubarak’s leadership.  With the Mediterranean sea level on the rise threatening crops and water supply and a disrupted governmental structure, it is all the more important that the country develop a climate change plan to prepare for the future. Read more…

    Photo Credit: Stephen Codrington

    Although coal is a dirty word in rich countries concerned about air quality and carbon emissions, demand for the so-called “dirty rocks” is stronger than ever in poorer nations. According to The Economist, the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that over the next five years world consumption will increase by a fifth—assuming governments adhere to their current climate-change policies, that is. Read more…

    Conscious consumers take note! The global campaign, Free2Work, is helping shoppers avoid unethical products with the new iPhone app reference guide that rates products and companies based on their policies regarding products made with forced, trafficked or child labor. The app, named one of the “11 Great Apps for 2011,” is the only smart phone tool that provides customers such insight, via the A through F rating scale, as they shop. Read more…

    Keep reading and continue greening!

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    A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
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