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    What’s the Most Controversial Environmental Issue?


    Photo Credit: Angus Clyne

    Taking an environmental ethics class really gets you thinking about a lot of different issues.  What do you think is a big issue?  

    To me, a very controversial issue is that of population control.  It is a very broad issue, covering everything from general basic rights to world hunger.  However, I think that the most interesting facet of the issue is a bias against women.  Having a family is sometimes a common dream among women, but often times, it is expected of women to bear many children and to stay at home to take care of them.  Sometimes it is the choice of these women because they decide that they want to be with their family instead of working, but many women do not have the option of working because it is not socially acceptable.

    There is much conjecture that enabling women to work not only decreases the amount of children they bear because they want to take care of their children, but it also reduces poverty and empowers women.   The issue is not only a human rights issue but environmental as well.

    I wanted to write this because this is a problem and a solution I only recently became aware about from readings from an environmental ethics class and my work at the Women’s Center on campus.  Are there any issues that you think should be a priority?  And what can we do about these issues?

    Frankie Victoria

    written by Frankie Victoria

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    A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
    -Greek Proverb