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Green News: The Chip Bag Crackle Heard Around the World


Photo Credit: Kevin Lim

We’ve all heard the story.  Recently, the Frito Lay corporation released a 100% compostable bag for its Sun Chip product line.  While this was a big step forward for the company’s sustainable initiatives, the noise the bag made seemed to be loud for consumers.  The bag was subsequently pulled off the shelves.  Well…..the bag is back!

As of Feb. 25, Google search results showed that more than 225 stories had been published relating to Frito-Lay’s news that it has heard consumers’ request for a quieter compostable bag for its SunChips brand snack chip. While the company has not offered an official release on the new package, its Facebook page shows a picture of the new pack, with the words, “We heard you. Introducing our new quieter 100% compostable bag.”

In April 2010, Frito-Lay, launched the first 100% compostable snack bag made from PLA.  Unfortunately, Frito-Lay sales of the snack fell nearly 11% due to consumers’ concerns that the bag was too noisy. In fact, consumers were so annoyed by the 85-decibal snack-bag crinkling that they launched a Facebook group called “Sorry But I Can’t Hear You Over This SunChips Bag,” that amassed 44,000 followers.

Due to this decline, Frito-Lay pulled the bag off the shelves and returned to its traditional petroleum-based packaging for all but one of its SunChips flavors.

After going back to the drawing board and developing a new bag structure that dampens the sound, Frito Lay thinks they have the answer.  The solution, rubber. “A rubber-like adhesive sealing the two parts of the bag together acts like a noise dampening agent.”  The new construction is now on store shelves for the plain-flavor version. Based on the initial Facebook comments posted, consumers are pleased that Frito-Lay is continuing its compostable experiment and are looking forward to getting feed back on the new bags.

So head to your local grocery store and check them out.  See what all the noise is about and be sustainable doing it! Click here to read more.

Jeremiah Brenner

written by Jeremiah Brenner

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    Home run! Great slugging with that answre!

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