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Video: Thoughts to Reality: The Creation of ThinkGreenLiveClean.com


The creation of ThinkGreenLiveClean.com can be traced back to a bumper sticker brainstorming session that took place in Australia in 2007 while studying abroad. What better way to promote the environmental awareness movement than with a catchy bumper sticker that will really make people think? Well, that idea lasted for about three months until I purchased the URL ThinkGreenLiveClean.com… and soon after became neck deep in creating an environmental awareness blog for young adults that was filled with optimism, beautiful imagery, and a fun, simple, and short writing style that hopefully informs and inspires our generation to action! The journey that I unknowingly embarked on that fateful brainstorming session has had many ups, many downs, and many unknowns, but has been truly epic in scale. Young adults from all over the country have been jumping on board since ThinkGreenLiveClean.com lauched in May of 2009 and now we are even featuring writers from Canada! Our awesome team of writers are working to spread environmental awareness all over the world!!! Please follow our movement and get involved in away way you can! Anything is possible if you put your mind to it!

Wyatt Taubman

written by Wyatt Taubman

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2 Responses to “Video: Thoughts to Reality: The Creation of ThinkGreenLiveClean.com”

  1. Devon Fisher says:

    Love the story. Can’t wait to see what else is about to unfold with your projects!

  2. Luke Thomas says:

    Wyatt! site looks epic. stoked to see everything is going so well. good luck. keep it green.

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