Eco-Friendly Fashion Rocks the Runway


Photo Credit: Aleksandr Slyadnev

The fashion industry often gets a bad rep when it comes to being environmentally friendly. However, this is beginning to drastically change with the fashion industry going green in so many aspects. With green cosmetics, magazine articles, and clothing, the industry that is often accused of being so wasteful is turning their act around. At the beginning of this month, New York Fashion week premiered the Greenshows, back for their third season.

The Greenshows is a segment of New York’s fashion week dedicated to eco-friendly designers. The three-day show aims to send the message that high fashion can still be achieved while making a minimal impact on the environment, exciting news for the “eco conscious” consumer! This season the Greenshows consisted of 10 designers, all with different interpretations of what sustainable fashion is.  However different the interpretations, all share the common ground of being creative and eco-friendly. Designs included beautiful dresses made completely out of recycled materials like newspaper and boxes. Other more “wearable” items were simply made from organic threads. The shows not only focus on clothing, but models were treated to eco friendly make up and hair products as well. Shown to work just as good as non eco-friendly products, why not treat them to products that are better for the models and the environment?

People are really excited about the Greenshows and the trend is catching on! More and more designers are pushing to be eco-friendly and buyers are able to make better decisions when purchasing these products. So go ahead and buy yourself some eco-friendly clothes, you and the environment deserve it!

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Kaelin McAtee

written by Kaelin McAtee

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5 Responses to “Eco-Friendly Fashion Rocks the Runway”

  1. Tam says:

    Fashion is not only art but what we wear – all of us – no matter how simple or extravagant. I know that “green” fabrics and recycling clothing are making a difference but many designers are “thinking green”.

    I met with a top design company last year that was working very hard to keep The Garment District in NY alive and well. Their fight was very environmentally based as to design, produce and distribute from NY as oppose to China (where costs are low but environmental impact high) saves not only jobs but reduces their carbon footprint. Also, if The Garment District stays, mega-development doesn’t take over.

    Thanks for the article.

  2. mary says:

    This is a very insightful article. People of all ages are interestd in fashion. Fashion designers turning to eco-friendly approaches will have a significant impact on the way we all think about clothing. Excellent article !

  3. Alivia McAtee says:

    Haha so cool! I love the idea!

  4. steven nguyen says:

    I like to wear organic tees or better yet buy from stores like goodwill. The shirts that keep on giving.

  5. Danny says:

    This is a really really well written article, I never thought I’d enjoy reading something about the fashion industry

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