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    Green Your Study Habits With a New iPad and Matching iPad Case Worth Over $500!



    What better way to kick off the 2010 fall semester than with a contest in which the winner (aka the ‘Greenest Student’) will receive fame and fortune? ThinkGreenLiveClean announces its first ever Greenest Student College Challenge, a global contest for college students!


    The winner’s name, college, and ‘Green Resolution’ (see contest description below) will be published on our homepage for worldly recognition!


    With a new iPad and matching iPad case worth over $500 donated by Dukes Restaurants, the ‘Greenest Student’ will soon be fully equipped to take on another semester of learning, internet browsing, and paper saving!


    1) BECOME A FAN OF THINKGREENLIVECLEAN ON FACEBOOK. It’s easy, just go to our homepage and click ‘Like’ on the Facebook box in the top right corner!

    2) SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER, so you can find out the winner of course! This is simple too. Just go to our newsletter page and fill in the quick info!

    3) ENTER YOUR ACTIVE COLLEGE EMAIL IN THE EMAIL BOX BELOW, so we know you’re in college… Hint: It should end in .edu.

    4) LEAVE YOUR GREENEST RESOLUTION COMMENT IN THE COMMENT BOX BELOW. Comments must be 300 words or less and will be screened for relevance so may take up to 72 hours to appear.


    We know it’s not New Years yet, however, it is a New ‘School’ Year… so we want to hear your New ‘School’ Year’s Green Resolutions! But no, we don’t want those huge long lists that usually form on December 31st because how many of those are ever really followed anyway? We are only interested in your single best green resolution (more points awarded for creativity) and how you plan to carry it out this coming school year in 300 words or less. Our judges panel, consisting of three professors and three college students, will pick the comment that they like best and award the winner with fame and fortune! The contest will close on October 18th and the winner will be announced in our Newsletter on November 1st, so sign up!




    Wyatt Taubman

    written by Wyatt Taubman

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    10 Responses to “Green Your Study Habits With a New iPad and Matching iPad Case Worth Over $500!”

    1. Huy Nguyen says:

      I attend UC Davis, one of the greenest schools in California. Although I may not be an Environmental Policy Major, I am a biology major. Conservation is a core part of my studies. Conserving resources will ultimately produce beneficial results. Cars requiring gas to run not only drain the oil supply but also create unnecessary pollution. Being one of the best biking cities in America, I would like to create a large emphasis for my program on biking. The program would be called “Bar the Car”, an attempt to reduce car usage. For this program, incentives for bikers would be for saving money (not used on permits and gas) and daily exercise. Our campus provides bike racks everywhere one can possibly think of! If a bicycle cannot be afforded, one can always buy cheap, used bikes at the bike barn. If a student still cannot own a bike, the school bus system Unitrans is free and runs daily. Students could ride on this free bus and be taken to the heart of campus. This would cut down on students coming to school with motor vehicles. The school’s transportation department that controls the parking garages at school should create more reserved parking for those with hybrid or environmentally-friendly cars. There should not be an incentive for the program because decreasing pollution is the greatest gift. The earth will thank us while our lungs can benefit from breathing more freely. As a thank you to those who ride their bikes, the buses, or hybrid cars, local businesses can create coupons that can be passed out on bike paths or obtained on the free school buses. With a green mindset, the city can improve air quality and create a united town fighting for the same cause.

    2. I am proud to attend California State University, San Marcos. My campus has been recognized as one of the top “green” campuses in the nation for several years, and both students and faculty contribute to reducing waste and conserving resources. For this new school year, I intend to follow in this environmentally conscious spirit and become and let both my actions and words inspire others to do the same. Because I enjoy cooking, baking, and food in general, I would like to focus on the college student’s diet and increase student consciousness regarding the origins of their food and how do reduce their carbon footprint by supporting local growers and businesses. As an editor at the online campus newspaper, I will maintain my weekly recipe column and write recipes to reflect what can be found at the campus farmers market—encouraging students to shop locally and eat nutritious meals. I would like to start a movement towards starting a campus urban garden. The campus has ample space to support this project, and it would help bring even more awareness about how fresh, local food is good for the environment as well as your body. When it comes to my own food, I will use only re-usable containers and silverware from home. I will refill my aluminum water bottle instead of buying plastic bottles of water. Because CSUSM is still a very young university, I think my efforts could become an integral part of its already established “green” mentality. In coming years, CSUSM could be winning awards not just for its recycling efforts but for its contribution to the local food movement—offering students an exceptional cultural as well as academic education. It would be a step in the right direction towards repairing America’s broken agricultural system and poor diet choices.

    3. Brianne Counter says:

      I currently attend community college in a small town in the upper penninsula of Michigan. Where I am from there is not much diversity and definitely not a lot of people willing to try new things. I’ve been a vegetarian for seven years and in order for me to continue this lifestyle, I must be very disciplined. The grocery stores in my town only offer a few vegetarian/vegan food products and the restaurants definitely don’t offer vegetarian meals, especially because my hometown, Iron Mountain, has a large Italian heritage with many Italian restaurants, aside from the classic fast food joints. My best green resolution for this year is to continue to spread the word about the affects of vegetarianism on our planet and hope that eventually not only my small town will diversify but everyone around me, including the schools. The amount of land that is being used to feed meat eaters will eventually ruin our wild life and rain forests. Twenty vegetarians can be fed from the land it takes to feed one meat eater. I want people to understand that as Americans, we consume a lot of meat and eating a lot of meat not only consists of slaughtering animals but it affects our land, water, air and health. If It could take just me to help schools to offer vegetarian meals and have them available, not just to vegetarians, but to give students and people alike the chance to try something new and diversify themselves then my year would be the best one that I’ve had.

    4. Lawrence R. Neelis, Student,currently attending Bay De Noc Community College.
      My entry is going to be as list form to keep things simple.
      Expand forestry harvesting and management to convert trees to wood alcohol.
      Expand coal production and include reforestation after coal harvesting.
      Expand the application of white reflective single ply roofing systems and reflective coating roof systems on new and existing buildings globaly. Though responsibility starts at home, this will help replace the ice covered regions that we have lost from global warming.
      Restart the Nuclear Energy Industry.
      Recycle anything and every thing that needs energy to reproduceaka.:plastics,metals,containers can be reused with little effort,such as plastic bottles,and plastic bags.
      Expand the wind energy programs.
      Expand the oil shale and gas field production out west along the Rockies!
      We the People have the technology,We the people can get it done not only for orseves but as a responsibility to our children and fellow planatary inhabitants,we are all in this together,including OPEC nad our own oil industries. Please POST THIS AS YOUR OWN<<<>>

    5. Another addition to the list;
      Expanding the fastest growing plant on earth into the energy business KELP! Kelp forests are huge in recovery after harvest and are another source of ethynols that burn clean and are renewable.The environmental impact is also very low compared to other resorcescurrently being developed.

    6. Megan Menke says:

      Hello all! I currently attend Bay De Noc Community College in the Upper Peninsula of MI, and I find this a very interesting topic because of the intensity to which some people take it. Though I must ask why some take it to such an intense level? For many the answer is simply a matter of preserving the earth, and for others it is just the right thing to do, but for me personally it is so much more! I want to and have a duty to treat this creation that God crafted with as much respect as I can. Living a, ‘green’ lifestyle is not just coming up with new ways to go green, it’s also doing the everyday tasks such as, walking instead of driving, going to a thrift store and reusing already made material, etc. Along with those things we often forget another part of the earth and God’s creation: Human beings.
      How many times a day do we think about protecting the earth, but forget our fellow man? The earth often gets more attention and respect then the people that live around us, and I personally believe that is wrong. We should treat each part of creation with the respect it is due, people being top priority of respect, and the animals and earth follow after that.
      With that being said my, ‘green resolution’ is to not only find ways to take care of the earth (which I do not mean to downplay this important factor), but I also wish to serve and protect my peers in any way possible, also (in any way possible) reaching to the far parts of the earth such as Africa and Haiti.

      Thanks for taking your time to read this and I hope it inspires you to push onward and upward!


    7. Karen Corbin says:

      My name is Karen Corbin I am a student at Nova Scotia Community College Waterfront Campus. My resolution is baby steps, small changes add up to be bigger solutions in the end. We live in the disposable era so why not start there. I already use less paper products in my home, paper towel is banned and writing paper is reused. I use less hot water and limit the amount of electricity used. I also buy products with less packaging, but why stop there, how about simply doing away with unnecessary items in my home all together, like paper towel which I replaced with cleaning clothes, old towels or flannel sheets can be used and reused and do the same job as paper towel. So my next step is to remove dryer sheets, soaking a facecloth in fabric softner and tossing it in the dryer does the same job as the commercial product but it gets reused and reused and not tossed out. With just doing these small changes I have lessen the amount of refuse that exits my house on a weekly bases.

    8. Andrea Sasgen says:

      Living clean means more than turning off the lights when they aren’t being used, not running the water when brushing your teeth, and avoiding printing out fifteen drafts of a paper by mistake. Although these actions do add up to encourage the conservation of energy and natural resources, it simply still isn’t enough. In my chemical engineering studies and aspiration to invest my knowledge into solar energy, I have learned that truly pursuing a “Go-Green” earth demands a mass involvement. With this motivation to “do more” as a college student, I want to communicate my goal of environmental awareness to all students at our university. The student residential community in which I live does not recycle. It is rather devastating to witness the the accumulation of trash in the dumpster next to my house after every weekend. The opportunity to recycle the overload of cans, plastic and glass bottles, and cardboard boxes is ruined by the infiltration of biowaste. I believe it would be bold move on the part of the residential corporation and all the students who live there to add one more container for recyclable materials. This simple change can be a vital stepping stone towards a healthier environment for South Bend. If I am able to have a petition signed by all the student residents, that is an extreme go-green statement on all our behalfs.

    9. Bailey says:

      I am a graduate student in one of the most green states in our country, Vermont. It is impossible to live here without being confronted with the advantages of living in a sustainable and eco-conscious culture; on the flip-side it is also impossible to not be reminded of how much humanity has contributed to the unfortunate state of the world around us. I am studying for my MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership and Management with an emphasis in Sustainable Development. My goal in my everyday life is to stay conscious of my surroundings and the detrimental and positive impact that my decisions may have on the environment. Personally, I believe and abide by a vegan diet because a decreasing demand for livestock, strictly bred for human consumption, is one of the number one ways to keep deforestation limited in addition to the fact that methane gas, at the rate caused by abnormal reproduction enforced by the meat/dairy industry, is more detrimental to the ozone layer and our overall air quality than the general use of motor vehicles for transportation and subsequent CO emissions. It is my duty as a world citizen to spread the word in whatever way I can, make responsible decisions in my daily life re: food, water, travel, etc, continue to recycle, reduce and reuse and most of all increase my education in order to be a more well-equipped and environmentally intelligent inhabitant of Mother Earth!

    10. I am a junior double majoring in Political Science and Environment and Natural Resources here at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. While most other entries talk about how green their school and town is, I’m not fortunate enough to say that. In fact, I’m in a town that is the complete opposite of green. Instead of getting down about it, I have recently chosen to take on the town with a recycling advocacy movement. My plan is to create a pro-recycling campaign that coincides with the advent of the newly mandated curbside recycling program in order to do a few things. One is to respond to the ignorance and/or negative views of the community towards recycling. Others include reducing the influx of recyclable material into the local landfill, fostering an ethic of community sustainability and understanding of the larger effects we have on the earth, and finally ensuring successful and sustainable recycling in our town. In Wyoming, the attitude of “no one tells me what to do” flourishes. This is a giant obstacle to overcome and will take a lot of research on my part to develop methods about how to get residents to buy into the movement.

      I plan on carrying this project out by coordinating with the City of Laramie in order to find out how to properly educate residents about the benefits of recycling. Also by researching methods used to break down the Wyoming “No one tells me what to do” mindset in order to integrate them into the community-recycling program. Other ways include researching the how best to use social media and promotional methods in order to gain the attention and respect of the community. Finally, I will continue the designing process by producing logos and other artwork, and then implement them into the campaign.

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