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Spray-on Solar Film? It’s on the way


Photo Credit: Paul (dex)

Its been said that enough solar energy hits the earth every hour to power the world for years.  Now imagine if every building could take advantage of solar energy without the cost of installing solar panels?  For years, researchers have been trying to find a way of capturing solar energy without the expensive installation of solar panels.  Recently, a team of scientists developed a transparent spray-on application that turns any surface facing the sun into electricity-producing space.

EnSol, a Norwegian solar company, says that their goal of solar efficiency is over 20% and that the product should be ready for the market by 2016.  The spray on product is made up of metal nanoparticles that absorb and conduct electricity, much different than the silicon based solar panels used today.  The coating could be transparent with less power generation (for windows) or less transparent with more power generation (for sides of buildings, concrete, etc.).

This product will make solar applications much easier and allow people all over the world to apply it without much upfront cost.  Due to the high cost of solar panels, people are hesitant to do it even though it pays them back after a few years.  Having a spray on coating for roofs and the sides of buildings would be a huge step in the right direction.

For the full story, click here.

Wyatt Harrison

written by Wyatt Harrison

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One Response to “Spray-on Solar Film? It’s on the way”

  1. Amy Marvin says:

    Wow, what a great concept. We live completely off the grid and I would love some of this to boost our power!

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