Bonnaroo: A Music Festival With A Purpose


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I recently took a trip to Tennessee to be a part of a four-day music festival called Bonnaroo, along with 100,000 other people! This large crowd, combined with record breaking temperatures and unbearable humidity, meant thousands of plastic water bottles, cups, and other various trash items littered the grounds of the festival. However, thanks to the volunteers belonging to Clean Vibes, each morning the grounds looked like they hadn’t been touched by people, and by the end of the festival it was as if Bonnaroo never even happened.

Bonnaroo takes place on a remote farm in Manchester Tennessee. The farm is transformed into a giant venue consisting of four stages and hundreds of vendors, much like a modern day Woodstock. The emphasis on Bonnaroo for the past few years is its “green” contributions. When purchasing your ticket, you have an opportunity to make donations to continue supporting Bonnaroo’s green efforts. However with the ticket prices being so expensive, Bonnaroo realizes that many people don’t have a lot of extra money to donate, so they have another really cool option. If you buy your ticket, and stay after the festival for two days and help the organization “Clean Vibes” clean up after the concert, you can return your receipt and get all the money for your ticket back. That’s a free $300 ticket just for helping out the environment!

In the center of the Bonnaroo you find “Planet Roo”, a courtyard with the purpose of educating the festival’s attendees of how they can go green. There are tents set up showing documentaries on recycling, global warming, and even composting. Vendors selling food give out wooden plates and bowls, that are meant to be returned and reused, giving the customer $2 for returning them. People got really involved with these things and every day Planet Roo was packed with people helping out.

Going to Bonnaroo is definitely a recommendation for everyone. The epic experience consisted of meeting scores of interesting people, great music, spending time with my best friends, and learning about environmental concerns that I wasn’t even aware of. I hope to see more music festivals partnering with Clean Vibes and putting more of an emphasis on going green, because it is a great opportunity to teach a large crowd about important issues.

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  1. Becky says:

    Thanks for the kind words! Just to clarify one thing, volunteers for Clean Vibes do not ened to “purchase” a ticket. we are not able to refund tickets that have already been purchased. Volunteers can sign up through Clean Vibes and place a deposit with us that we refund after the volunteer commitment has been completed.

    Thanks again, anyone interested in volunteering should visit us at!

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