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It is pretty insane how a basic idea can turn into so much more than that. TGLC is a great example of this.  And here’s another one: Simple Shoes.  Simple Shoes is a company that lovingly manufactures 100% sustainable shoes and bags.

The company started in 1991, headed by Eric Meyer and other “shoe geeks” who were tired of over-hyped, over-worked shoes.  In 2004, Simple Shoes came out with their Green Toe line, which was the start of their efforts to create sustainable shoes.  In 2006, they came up with a motto: “ How we make our shoes is just as important as why we make them.  We’re committed to making our shoes 100% sustainable.”  At first, the Simple Shoes team created their GreenToe line, which featured completely sustainable sandals and sneakers.  In 2007, they introduced recycled materials into their shoes, creating the EcoSneaks line, along with cutting down waste by using the bare minimum packaging.  Today, Simple Shoes has come a long way from simply trying to break away from the mainstream.  They currently use completely recyclable and sustainable materials for their shoes including recycled tires, plastic bottles, hemp, organic cotton, 100% post consumer recycled paper, cork, natural crepe rubber, and recycled carpet padding.  Last year, they launched their campaign less > more, with the hopes of calling people to stop consuming and start giving- to the environment and to people.

Simple Shoes can be found at retailers like Lazy Acres, Whole Foods, and other larger stores such as Sports Chalet and Nordstrom.  But we all know that this Santa Barbara-based company was not as huge before, and here’s why.  Behind the cutesy video about their origins and the happy language on their site is a profound message: give more, get less.  Not only does Simple Shoes make an awesome product, but the people behind it are genuine and want to follow their motto and principles.  That’s all you can ever ask from this nice little shoe company.

Visit Simple Shoes here.

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