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    TGLC in Action: Going Green in Guatemala


    Trent Hodges

    Buenos dias a todos, Trent or Guayo (my nickname in Spanish) reporting here from Santa Catarina Barahona Guatemala.  The above photo is the view from my house.  It’s currently raining ash from the volcanic eruption this morning and the haze of debris is creating an eerie bluish hue in the sky.  It’s a beautiful sight, but it doesn´t compare to the reddish glow of last night´s lava display.  This is a daily occurrence here and no cause for alarm in the community.  As I write, men are carrying recently chopped firewood to their homes while the women carry maiz and vegetables from the farms surrounding this community.  Needless to say, this is an area where the relationship between nature and humanity is amplified.

    I am here with the Peace Corps working on a project called Sustainable Community Tourism.  The idea behind the project is to create income for communities through preserving their natural surroundings and implementing tourism.  At first, it may sound contradictory to instigate tourism to preserve the environment, but if it is created and managed correctly, this form of ecotourism bridges the divide between human necessities and conservation.  The idea is to create small scale tourism in local communities where the monetary benefits go straight to the people.  In this manner, the community derives more benefit from conserving their natural surroundings rather than the alternatives such as deforestation, hunting, and intrusive development.  As an extra plus, the community becomes better educated about environmental issues in their own town and understands the value of unaltered nature, economically and aesthetically.

    This is just a window into the purpose of my two year journey here.  I have only been here two months and there is a long road ahead of me.  Join me on this adventure as I will continue to update this section.  Take it easy and always think green live clean.

    Trent Hodges

    written by Trent Hodges

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    2 Responses to “TGLC in Action: Going Green in Guatemala”

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Thanks for the update on Sustainable Community Tourism. It’s great that the Peace Corps is promoting Sustainable Living. I look forward to your ongoing posts (and photographs) as the project develops over the next two years and I’m glad TGLC is alive and well in Santa Catarina Barahona Guatemala.

    2. Olivia says:

      Thanks for the info… I want to ask about the mangroves, are you on facebook or available via email? I work in Haiti, where there is only one ongoing mangrove restoration initiative goign on, and we would really like to learn about what has been most effective in slowing cutting and providing alternative income.

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