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    It’s Easy as One, Two, Tree! D.C. Public Schools Add a Little Greenery to the Curriculum


    Photo Credit: Cristian Bortes

    Ok, so maybe it isn’t exactly in the curriculum…but D.C. Public Schools is continuing to make a difference in the community by planting numerous trees throughout the city. Students, faculty and staff  in our nation’s capital have the opportunity to partner with an organization called Casey Trees in an effort to take some time out of the school day to plant trees around many of the district’s schools.

    One school that is taking advantage of this opportunity is Noyes Education Campus, a 2009 National Blue Ribbon School. On March 18th, led by Principal Wayne Ryan, students, faculty and staff from Noyes will take an hour out of the day to put away their school books, and take out their shovels and gloves. Everyone will work together to plant several trees, improving the environment as well as the campus atmosphere (no pun intended). The trees are provided by Casey Trees, and students will be able to apply knowledge of environmental and life science as they prepare the trees for a healthy and prosperous life.

    Casey Trees is a local organization that supplies trees to any group, organization or individual wishing to plant 10 or more trees. Through their Community Tree Planting Program, these trees are donated for free, and staff from Casey will even come help put them in the ground! Although Casey Trees is only in D.C., it is a part of a national organization called Alliance for Community Trees (ACT), which serves largely the same purpose on a national level. Check out the ACT website if you want to get involved and make a difference…every tree helps.

    Check out the website for Casey Trees and Alliance for Community Trees.

    Eric Waldstein

    written by Eric Waldstein

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    One Response to “It’s Easy as One, Two, Tree! D.C. Public Schools Add a Little Greenery to the Curriculum”

    1. Casey Trees says:

      Thanks for the write up on Casey Trees.

      For groups or individuals interested in applying for a Community Tree Planting (CTP) event, the deadline for a fall (Oct-Dec) planting date is June 15, 2010. Our spring (March – May) CTP season kicks off this Wednesday, March 10 at Cesar Chavez Public Charter School. To volunteer for an upcoming CTP event, visit our website at http://www.caseytrees.org. Year round volunteer opportunities are listed under the Education Department.

      There are many other ways DC residents can add trees to their property for little or no money. I have highlighted three more below.

      Treescape Design Workshops (TDW) – TDWs teach basic environmental concepts to allow individuals to incorporate trees in their yard or garden landscape. Casey Trees’ experienced landscape design experts work with homeowners to create a treescape plan for their residential property.

      Participants are encouraged to bring photos of their yard, a sketch of the property, location of existing power lines and trees, yard measurements, and an idea of what you would like your treescape to do for your home i.e. provide shade, seasonal color, lower utility bills, etc.

      Each participant receives a FREE shade tree (approx. $250.00 value) delivered to their home. Advance registration is required; space is limited.

      Upcoming dates are March 11 and 31 and April 28. Free.

      RiverSmart Homes – Through a partnership with the District Department of the Environment (DDOE) homeowners may request shade trees be planted on their residential property for $50.00 per tree.

      DDOE processes the requests and a Casey Trees representative visits individual homeowners determine the most appropriate trees and locations for planting in each yard. Once the tree species and locations have been chosen, Casey Trees will then schedule the planting. The cost of planting is included in the $50 co-payment. Space is the only limit to the number of trees we can plant on each property.

      Tree Rebate – Homeowners who purchase and plant trees on residential property in the District may request a rebate for up to $50.00 per tree (3 trees max per property). Most trees with the exception of invasives and Ash trees qualify. The Tree Rebate helps make adding trees to residential property affordable for the average homeowner and allows individuals to select trees not covered by the RiverSmart Homes program.

      All three of these programs in addition to other great tree planting resources are included on our website at http://www.caseytrees.org.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at friends@caseytrees.org or 202-833-4010.

      Happy Tree Planting!

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    A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
    -Greek Proverb