New Eco-Friendly-er Hybrid Ferry Boat Hits San Francisco and San Diego Bay.


Image Via Port of San Diego

Have you ever wondered why power boats, which often spend the  majority of their time in sunny windblown waters, aren’t powered by alternative energy like wind and solar? Well, now one is and it’s no small boat either. The Hornblower Hybrid is a 64-foot ferry boat that can hold 149 passengers. Though the boat is based out of San Francisco Bay and mainly serves as a ferry for passengers visiting Alcatraz Island, it was recently in San Diego Bay hosting bay cruises for companies, groups, or just individuals who pride themselves on caring for the environment.

A lot of thought went into the Hornblower’s eco-design. Two 10-foot-tall spiraling wind turbines on the upper deck and a bed of solar panels provide much of the energy needed to power the cruiser.

(Fuel efficient diesel engines cover the remaining power needs, which is less then one-third of a traditional boat its size.)  If passengers are feeling a little couped up, they can hit the gym room where stationary peddle bikes send more energy to the boats main batteries. Even the body of the boat reduces the Hornblower’s environmental impact. Reclaimed materials taken from other decommissioned boats were used in the boats construction. The hull paints are non-toxic and the boat uses only energy efficient LED light fixtures.

With more hybrids on the way, Hornblower hopes to be a model for the future…or even better for today! If Hornblower’s design can influence that of other larger vessels, it will be a great benefit to our oceans and atmosphere.

To read more, get tickets, or learn about future boats and locations check the Hornblower website.

To read what the Port of San Diego had to say about the Hybrid click here.

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4 Responses to “New Eco-Friendly-er Hybrid Ferry Boat Hits San Francisco and San Diego Bay.”

  1. Really enjoyed this, thanks for posting. What is the affiliation with web design san diego meetup group next month?

  2. Very good blog post! usually I never reply to these thing but this time I will,Thanks for the great info.

  3. Eco Homes says:

    We have to find keep searching for possibilities in order to help save our earth. Good reading about this.

  4. Gordon says:

    I’m not entirely convinced these ferries are any greener than their diesel counterparts. I’d first need to know how much all that green technology weighs/space it occupies. While it may be cleaner than other ferries one to one, it’s quite possible that emissions-per-passenger-wise, it’s a different story. Solar cells and turbines are lovely and good, but the batteries they power have to be insanely massive if they’re gonna propel a vessel like this through the water. The reason hybrid technology makes sense on the road is because once you get moving, petrol engines are quite efficient–you don’t have that in water–you’re constantly fighting the terrain. The people who built these ferries are either 20 years ahead of the game or they’re taking advantage of peoples’ desire to be more environmentally responsible at the expense of the environment. One last thing–‘hosting bay cruises for companies, groups, or just individuals who pride themselves on caring for the environment.’ STOP PATTING YOURSELF ON THE BACK AND TAKE A FUCKING SAILBOAT! Sorry for cursing–but so much of this ‘green’ business is just a bunch of opportunists shitting in your hand and calling it fertilizer.

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